Jen Harries has been making jams and marmalades (or watched them being made) for as long as she can remember; learning with her mother and grandmother. Her grandparents were also smallholders in Sussex, growing and selling seasonal fruit and vegetables in the village where they lived. From this background Jen has developed a real commitment to growing her own food for the family in a “natural and chemical-free” way.


When they moved house some  years ago, the larger garden enabled Jen to start working towards  her goal of growing all the soft fruit she needed together with vegetables for the family. The renting of an allotment since 2003 means the variety and the quantities of these have been increased.


Jam-making for friends and work colleagues has made Jen realise that there is a demand for “real” preserves-hence “Kyfyth Kernow” has evolved. The name was suggested by a Cornish speaking acquaintance and means simply Cornish Preserves.


Although Jen would like to make preserves from all her own produce,because of demand this is now not practical, so fresh produce is sourced locally from small producers or local farm shops and retailers.


 She still believes in "buying local", both to support local businesses and  to reduce food miles.

 She also believes in cooking seasonally,  which is why she may not have your favourite  product all year round.


 In 2011 Jen added mustards to her regular products, which seem to be popular.


 See the products page for a full listof produce.


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